Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So what AM I supposed to make a priority, anyway?

Today we were still getting over a cold. 3 of the boys are still pretty wiped out, so we didn't do school. Instead, I told them to rest and eat chicken soup. I did some work, some housework, an interview, and shopped for Halloween costume junk. After they all went to bed, I made these awesome bloodshot eyeball devilled eggs for my husband's office Halloween luncheon tomorrow.

Cool, fun to make, and he'll be pleased, but at this point in the day I wonder...what did I do today that was worth doing? How much of it was a total waste of time?

Talked to a friend tonight about how she'll be shuttling kids to the local high school for the next 18 years, nonstop. Is that a waste of time? Or is it just an important part of being a mom, for her, right now? Is it possible for me to tell the difference in my own life? Or are the things that I think are important just getting in the way of my being a good mom & wife? Heck if I know.

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zyllekeht said...

IMPORTANT?!?! For my goals, aspirations, dreams. . . HELL NO! For my kids dreams, goals, asperirations. . . by all means YES. Did someone do this for me YES! I guess I will continue the circle for one more generation, blah, blah, blah.