Sunday, June 04, 2006

Gee, Christine, you haven't blogged in a while...

Hubby went to upstate New York to fill in for a drummer friend. On arrival, he hurt his leg. He stayed up there, camped for 3 days, played drums, kicked butt, drove back down here, and thought, "Hmmmm...perhaps my foot should not be blue."

We spent an afternoon in the emergency room, where they diagnosed a broken tibia. Hubby complained about pain higher in the leg, and was brushed off.

The next day, the on-call doctor said the same. And again ignored all mention of pain elsewhere in the leg.

The third day, our insurance changed, so we had to visit yet ANOTHER doctor. Who said, "This is not just a broken tibia. You need more X-rays."

Hubby's leg is broken in three places.


Tomorrow he gets pins in his ankle. The Mom-in-law is coming down to watch the Sons while we are gone. Which means that today, I clean. A lot.


Andrea said...

Mike, Mike, Mike...hasn't anyone told you yet that your'e an old man?

Awwwww, the men in our life. Don't you just LOVE'em. Here's to a speedy recovery time.

Love ya!

Christine said...

No. Not old. Hot, sexy, forty-ish. As, I am sure, Kenrick is, as well. No old, here.