Monday, November 06, 2006

Just another FUBAR day...

Couldn't sleep last night, again. Or, more accurately, could only sleep in bursts of an hour or less, punctuated with periods of wakefulness. Got maybe 4 hours, all told.

Went to the school to register Son #1, at our appointed time. The registrar had an emergency, though, so he wasn't there, and nothing else can happen until after we deal with him. IF he shows up today, we'll register The Son, but otherwise we wait until Wednesday. So, we headed home... find the heating duct guys here, waiting. Didn't know they were coming, wouldn't have been here to let them in if the registrar had been where he was supposed to be. So they slapped on the new registers, while I tried to sort out the heap on my desk. How hard could it be, right? Screw, screw, screw? So, they left. Hubby came home. At this point I actually LOOKED at the registers. They are not the right kind. So, those need to be replaced.

At this point I have a son who is still not registered for school; a headache and general brainlessness due to insufficient sleep; heaps in the center of every upstairs room so as to make space for the HVAC guys to replace the registers they put in this morning; boys who are a bit behind on the school schedule because I was gone/the HVAC guys were loud/they had to pile their belongings away from their windows before school started; and, of course, the original pile of papers on my desk, sections of which are starting to get cranky.

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