Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How do you argue with "you SOUND better"

Slept half the night on Hubby's recliner, hoping that the seated position would help. Didn't. Woke up this morning, took an old antibiotic I found in my desk. Immediately regretted it as reckless self-medication.

Blood sugar normal, this morning, and I haven't gained any of the weight I've lost, but I still feel genuinely icky. Hubby all but insisted, before he left for work, that I go to an actual doctor and get fixed. Which I shall do, today, because I feel like death on toast. Really stale, soggy toast. Death is hating the itchy toast.

So Mom called today, wanting to know when we can come up for anniversary/birthday dinner. I suggested it might be a couple of weeks, because I still feel really sick and Hubby is also sick, now. But, to Mom, I SOUND better, over the phone.

I have to hook her up with all the people who see me in real life and tell me I need to get back in bed. Honest! I am sick. Not pretending, not weaseling out of dinner with my parents, just actually sick as a sick dog, and maybe slightly sicker than that.

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