Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Beware the Finger

This is my poking finger. I have been exercising it quite a bit, lately, in dealing with the administration of Son #1's school.

Persistent errors on a report card that the teacher says only the guidance office can fix, but the guidance office says only the teacher can fix? Poke.

Referrals that refuse to use the words "self defense", perhaps because the school doesn't want to admit that they put my son in a position where he was obligated to defend himself? Poke.

Administrators that keep shuttling my son back and forth, because he wants to start an after school organization that maybe doesn't appeal to them? Poke.

Secret hoops for Son #2 to jump through, before he starts there next year? Poke.

I will be poking with this finger for the next eight years. I plan to develop a mighty poking callus, a strong wrist, and an easily tracked email-paper trail.

Ask not for whom the finger pokes. It pokes for the Sons.

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