Tuesday, August 11, 2009

See, now this is why we didn't want to be with you people

Sons #3 and 4 are entering the school system this year.

A few weeks ago, I realized, "hmmm, it is almost midsummer, I should register the boys." So I called the high school and left a message for the registrar.

"Hi, I have an incoming freshman who has been home-schooled since second grade so I need to make an appointment to register him. Give me a call."

No response.

A week or so later, I called again.

"Hi, I called last week about an incoming freshman who needs to register for school. Here is my home number and my cell number; I will come in with him at your convenience."

No response.

A week later, I called again, this time the main office.

"Hi, I have left two messages for the registrar, and the registrar's office has not returned my calls. Is there someone else I should call to make an appointment to come in and register my son, and make sure I have all his paperwork in order?"

No response.

I called the middle school and they said, "Oh, you don't need an appointment, just drop by." So I did. Got #4 all set up in maybe 15 minutes. Since they are in the same school district, I figured the paperwork the high school would need would be pretty much the same as the middle school. I had gone through this process with Son #1 and Son #2 in years past, as well. So I gathered everything, put it in an envelope, and this morning I said,

"Son #3, they are NOT returning my calls, so I guess we don't need an appointment, or if we do we're not going to get one, since school starts in less than 3 weeks. Let's just go."

So we did.

We went to the counseling department and the registrar was standing in the middle of the office, hand on hip, yakking about personal stuff with her coworkers. She looked up at me and said, "Do you have an appointment?"

"No, I've been calling for the past three weeks to request an appointment and no one has returned my calls."

"Sorry," she said. "I get, like, 20 to 30 calls a day."

(and three of those have been from me, this month, and could have just been ONE call, if you'd handled it the first time around, so I wonder how much of that phone ringing you bring on yourself by not answering the phone)

She said I could have an appointment. So I followed her back to her office, where she asked when I'd like to come in.

"As soon as possible. School starts in a little over 2 weeks."

She handed me a list of all the paperwork I need. Which I had, in my hand. I told her so. She offered to keep my envelope in her office, until our appointment tomorrow. Yeah, like I am going to give her my son's Social Security card and birth certificate to keep. Sure.

She reviewed the list of paperwork, again, and I again stated, "Yes, I have all of that ready for you whenever you are ready to process it."

A third time she pointed to the list, and enumerated the various things which I would need to bring...and...which...I...had...assured...her...were...in...my...lap...already.

Then she asked for transcripts-or-equivalent, and I explained to her twice why I have them in an unfamiliar format, but that I have the information required by the state, and that I would give it to her at our appointment.

So, tomorrow Son #3 and I go back for our appointment, which will probably take all of 15 minutes.

I swear, though, that woman should be ashamed of herself for accepting a paycheck.


Cynthia said...

Seriously.....I totally want you to send this to the paper, and the principal, and the superintendents office...

Seriously, this is absurd. Wow, 20-30 phone calls a day...she must be sooooooo overworked. Whaaaaaa!


Anonymous said...

My wife will tell you those that teach are MUCH smarter than those - with rare exception - in administration. It's everywhere in school districts. I seriously don't understand why it's universal.

Sue said...

I'll bet she has a matching Snuggie with her dog.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Egads. I mean, that attitude works for HOME where after three phone calls people assume you don't want to talk to them and stop calling. But it seems counterproductive for work.

Knot - And in colleges. And what I've *heard* is that it's because they have their best & brightest actually teaching. :-0

ALF said...

That is so frustrating! And now you'll be home all day with no kids - what are you going to do???

Christine said...

Cynthia-Well, since she pretty much redeemed herself the next day, I am going to drop it. School has enough stuff to lose my soul over, as it is.

Knot-I think a big chunk of it is, people go into that field because they want to spend time with their kids, or want to spend time on another career weekends & summers, etc. In other words, they are there conserving their energy as much as possible, to spend it outside of work.

Sue-You have no idea what fun I had with that mental image at our appointment yesterday. HA!

Jill-Yeah, counterproductive if you're interested in being productive, I guess :D

ALF- So far, I mostly say, "Wow, um...I do not know what life is going to be like." But I am looking for FT work, and also writing, and plan to pour a lot more time into that once I have, man, like 6 or 7 hours unmolested to myself. Holy cow. I have no idea what that is going to be like...

See? I keep sayimg it.