Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Here for your edification are a few Classic Sayings of My Dad, for Father's Day. He's the baby in the photo, by the way.

Measure twice, cut once.
No daughter of mine is going to leave the house looking like that.
You think you can live on love, but one of these days you're gonna want a cheeseburger.
You've got to broaden your horizons.
We'll see.
If you want something specific, ask for it. If you ask for "a couple dollars," you're gonna get two.
In high school, the teachers chase you around, trying to teach. In college, you chase the teachers around, trying to learn.
Don't get an English degree. Study business.
Women civilize men.
Men are wired to protect and provide for their families. You think you understand, but you can't, because you're not a man, and I'm sorry but that is the truth.
Don't move to Asia. They make you eat rice three times a day.
Trucks are supposed to have dents. That proves you did stuff.
It's not hard, you just have to do it.
And the all-time favorite: Listen to your mother. I have to live with her.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh I love the second to last one! And nice picture!

Rol said...

If ever I went up a ladder as a kid, my dad would always say, "don't worry, you can't fall - there's nothing to stop you."

Christine said...

Either I am completely missing the point, or your father made no sense at all. Hmmmm...that might explain a bit.

ALF said...

YAY - I love this! I love the one about dents in trucks. I'm going to tell that to my husband so he will get off my back about the dents in my car.