Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ooh! Shiny nails!

After nearly 30 years of nail envy, this weekend I splurged on gel nails in honor of Hubby's office Christmas party. A very nice Vietnamese guy named Kenny hooked me up. I am tickled pink, can't stop looking at them, and Hubby even kinda likes them. However.

Ya know how women with those long dragon nails seem to go out of their way to protect them? Using the sides of their hands to fumble things to stay prissy, when a simple no-holds-barred, full-frontal use of the hands would get the job done faster and better? I learned, over the past 72 hours, that they are not being insufferable glamour hogs. No, these nails just make it impossible to use your hands the way God intended. The discomfort of the first 24 hours has passed, and I am learning how to function. But I still can't decide if I'm fabulous, or just crippled.

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