Sunday, December 25, 2005

Gifts I might actually want (or, a moment of selfish wallowing)

Not a collector. Not a "thing" person. HATE to shop. Despise knicknacks of almost every sort.
But hey, here's a hint for the gift-buying universe that these are things that I would actually be extremely happy to get:

Gift cards to Walmart, Target, KMart, PayLess, Lands' End, Giant, Food Lion, Wawa, Staples or Sheetz. Honest, I swear, a piece of plastic that gives me free toilet paper and socks for the boys when they need them is a fabu gift.

Writer's Market 2006--or whatever year is most current.

Stuff I need for work and school, like lined paper, post-it notes, #2 pencils, steno notebooks and those big pink erasers.

A roll of postage stamps.

Photo splits--those 2-sided tape things for scrapbooking.

Strongly scented candles.

Cut flowers.

And my all-time favorite, having someone pay for the carpet shampooer dudes to come by.

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