Saturday, January 14, 2006

Update! Update! Update!

Looked back over some recent posts and realized The Story Continued....

My fake nails are glorious, but need maintenance. Which they ain't gonna get. So, I am down to 5 fabulous nails and 5 stubby fingers. I refuse to remove the fakes before they leap off of their own accord, though. Good times...

Bat Guano is sold on eBay, but not my bat guano. So after my auction ended, gave it away.

And YES, it really was 15 lbs of toe. I walked out of two pairs of shoes today before finding some that would stay on my feet. Hopefully this will work its way up past my ankles, so I can start seeing more impressive benefits of all this weight loss...if I hit the 25 lb mark and the only thing that changes is the contents of my shoe rack, I will not be thrilled. Although, yes, I did notice recently that my feet had expanded, so I guess it's only fair that that fat goes first.

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