Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bat Guano, and human clutter

We have a family of Mexican bats who summer in our attic every year. People generally react to this news with fear and revulsion, or, alternatively, joy and hand-flapping excitement at the thought of all that guano. Apparently, bats make a mighty fertilizer.

This winter, while the bats are away, we have decided to seal up their entryway. They can dangle and poop in the trees, instead of the attic. Today I scooped up the bat poop, or at least as much of it as I could get without actually picking it out of the insulation with my lovely, ladylike fingers.

I collected a 3 lb bag of bat poop.

Yes, you guessed it, bat poop is sold on eBay. So in the face of last week's de-cluttering success, I have my guano on auction.

Tell your friends! Woo!

What exactly is that de-cluttering success? I have several flat surfaces that I can actually see. I sent 7 bags to the thrift store, and threw out about 3 bags of broken toys. I sent a bag of easy readers to my young cousin, and have another bag's worth of paperbacks up for swap at I sold the snowman to my real estate-selling doppleganger, and made more than $50 on eBay on dumb videos and pointless nicknacks.

The house is still a pit. This fact amazes me. I feel like I deserve some sort of Publisher's Clearing House Clutter Removal Award, but instead I am still sidling through piles o'crap to get anywhere.

Feh, whaddya gonna do?

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