Tuesday, July 11, 2006

hubby got hired! update

After calls from the singer, drummer, and guitarist in which he was told "the job is yours, man, you're our new bass player," after going out to dinner with the singer and guitarist and hearing, again, "the job is yours, dude," after several practices, after joining the singer at open mike night and being told repeatedly that he "played the shit out of that bass,"; after all this, last night Hubby got the call..."we want you to be our bass player, but we don't want to fire the current bass player. We want to wait until he quits."

This is the bass player they say sucks. The one they say they can't stand as a musician, or on any personal level. The one they know has been stealing money from the band, when he's not just sponging. And, naturally, the one who is obviously not going to quit, because as a member of this band he is tranformed from an unattractive, untalented, mooching jackass loser, into The Bassist Who Gets Attention from Sexy, Drunken Groupies.

Hubby saw this coming. I didn't. I guess it's because these musician types make no sense to me, at all, whereas he's been dealing with their oeuvre since he was a tween. So, he seems less ticked about it than I am.

Perhaps it also helps that his YouTube clips have already attracted the attention of another local band that has asked him to try out for their bassist slot.

But, good grief. How many bands are going to "swear! Man, you are awesome! You are our new bass player!" and then back out before a single paid gig? This makes 2 so far in 2006. I'm going to stop talking about it with Hubby, because it feels like I'm just rubbing it in. But, ugh. Man. Ugh.

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