Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Who's your daddy?

Today Hubby was practicing bass and guitar in the living room. Son #4 walked in and asked him to turn it off. "It was OK at first, but now it's getting a little annoying." Son #1, after a brief bass session, was in the kitchen watching the news for information on Korea's missile testing program.

Pretty weird. Our kids want us to turn off that noisy rock'n'roll music so they can hear the news.


Crystal said...

You're fucking awesome. Where are your admirers? WHERE? I've laughed at least three times reading your some of your stuff and that NEVER HAPPENS.

Well, I'm here. If that counts.

Christine said...

Thanks! I am feeling slightly less awesome, however, because I had no idea anyone was commenting on my blog until March of 07.

Maybe I can be "freaking awesome" or whatever. You know, not exactly fucking.