Friday, December 08, 2006

Public School Quotes of the Week

Son #1 reported that one of his fellow students never does his homework. He doesn't participate in classroom discussions. He doesn't pay attention to lectures. He curses at the teacher and shouts during class. He often skips class altogether. This week, his teacher had had enough, and asked the kid what he expected to be able to achieve in life, with that kind of attitude.

"I'm gonna make as many babies as I can, and the government will give me money for every one, and people like you will pay for it."

Also this week, his health teacher said, "Most people can handle marijuana". Is that so? Most people can smoke marijuana and have no ill effects? Like, getting arrested, or becoming a slit-eyed no-account loser, or just having their skin develop that ashy sheen? If marijuana is so damn great, maybe they should pass it out to everyone. I'm thinking the schools are only about a hair's breadth away from that, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

i think wat the kid is doinf is stupid

he will so not succeed in the future and poor kids of his:(