Friday, December 22, 2006

Talking with the teachers

After hearing all the rumours about Great Mills High School, and then having Son #1 come home and confirm all those rumours in anecdotes great and small, Hubby and I have been a little uneasy about the whole experience.

Over the past week or so, I have met personally with 2 of his teachers, and am very impressed with both. They have a firm grasp of who Son #1 is, and are willing to do whatever it takes to see him do well in class. And they like him.

Last night, in the car, Son #1 was telling me about his friends at school. One, in particular, was annoying him, because "He treats girls just like Mercutio did, in Romeo & Juliet!" He kept on relating the stuff he'd learned in English class to his high school social scene. It was awesome. So, naturally, I had to email his teacher about it. Because I know that his written work is not generally indicitive of his mental grasp of material.

She emailed me back, thrilled with his comments about the play. She obviously feels the way I do, that he is getting the material on a deeper level. She also told me he is "a joy to have in class".

Did you hear that? MY SON, that one, is a joy to have in class. I am so happy to see someone else knowing him and feeling that joy. He's a great kid. I think, maybe, that crazy, chaotic, "bad" school is going to be a good place for him.

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