Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Other School

Ever since Son #1 returned to public school, we have discussed the social ills he has seen there. Many of them (the threat of violence, the disrespect for teachers and learning, the racial epithets, the aspiration to welfare cheater status) have been neatly summed up in the person of one particular classmate. This kid scares me.

As I have shared Son #1's stories with my friends, the general consensus has been that this type of problem, this type of student, is to be found only at the school my son attends. The Other School, the Better School in the Nicer Neighborhood, doesn't have these issues, because people like him do not go there.

Yesterday, Son #1 came home with the news that Mr. Future Baby-daddy is no longer causing problems in class. He transferred, last week, to The Other School.

So, good luck over there, guys.

UPDATE: It turns out Mr. Future Babydaddy was not transferred, after all. He just SAID that, to the teacher, so he could hide out in the bathrooms all day. Sweet.

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