Thursday, September 04, 2008

saRAH! saRAH! saRAH!

I have been moaning about the Presidential candidates for ages. Well, actually, I had STOPPED moaning. I had pretty much resigned myself to holding my nose and voting, when the time came.


Sweet Jesus, I have a girl-crush on Sarah Palin. SHE is the one I've been waiting for. I am so excited about the election, now.

This one, and the one in 2016.


Sue said...

You too? *giggle*

I envisioned her being called "Madame President". hehe.

Avitable said...

I think I'll wait for a woman who supports women's rights, doesn't want to ban books, and can see the example that pure abstinence education doesn't work right under her nose.

Mom of Three said...

2016? Oh no! I'm wondering about 2012!! :)

To say HOPING for 2012 might be a little too mean. :)

I have NEVER been so excited about an election!

I have to admit, I was holding my nose too. :)

Thanks for a great post!

ALF said...

She seems pretty awesome. said...

amen sister!

"our girl sarah" rocks! that's what some of us here in alaska call our governor. she is the real deal. she is convicted and she believes in something and she stands by it. she caught my attention the first time i heard her speak in an interview when she ran for governor her a couple years ago. i am not into politics normally. but that day, it was the way she spoke with conviction that got to me. she said what she felt regardless of if it was popular or not. and i can respect that in anyone, no matter what their profession is.

one proud alaskan :)
and american


PS. thanks for the post :)