Friday, July 10, 2009

I don't know him, I'm only driving him and laughing and we look alike

That is what I was thinking today.

Son #2 and I were in the car when we passed a guy in khakis and a dress shirt, biking down the road. He rolled down his window and shouted, "GET SOME SWEATPANTS!"

I just about bust a gut laughing. Because I am a bad mama.

Then tonight Son #1 and I went to the River Concert again (Rogers & Hammerstein) and he beat me in our weekly "how many people do you know here" game, 21 to 18. That was actually pretty impressive, for me.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy my kid more now that she's older. She says things that are fun.

ALF said...

Sweatpants? I don't get it.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

That's a lot!!! I'm usually impressed if I see two or three people I know someplace, but then again, this is the fourth biggest city in the US. Actually, on my second date with the-guy, we ran into two different couples and maybe one other person I knew, so it looked like I knew all of Houston because we weren't even in my part of town.

Alf - I think if you see a guy riding a bicycle, it means he's out proselytizing. Most everyone else bicycles in some sort of exercise clothes, or at the very least blue jeans. :-)

Christine said...

Knot-definitely. The teen years beat the toddler years with a stick.

Alf-No idea why Son #2 got all righteous about the wardrobe. I do not pretend to understand 15 year olds.

Jill-Yes, I felt very proud of myself :) I think the key is, this is a small town and there was very little else to do, that night. So, basically everyone showed up at one spot.

I don't think the biking guy was proselytizing, though--he was alone, and dressed in clothes that looked pretty normal for your average working guy...I think he was just saving gas, or the planet, or something, on his lunchtime ride back home. Although, who knows?