Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bathroom, the second

Ok, so I have half a gallon of Killz and half a gallon of the same shiny white stuff I used on the hall bathroom left over. I also have a master bathroom with peeling paint on the ceiling.

You guessed it, yesterday I scraped and scrubbed and spackled and removed old caulk. This morning I am putting on the primer coat, and recaulking the shower. Should have a fully functional and actually attractive master bathroom by tomorrow, I think.

I also bought some silicone sealant stuff to use around the shower door glass. Have never done that before but hopefully it is not really different from caulking, because caulking I know I can do.

On the work front (because I know you are all curious) things have taken on a bit of a gallows humor vibe. I have a little over a month left there, at best, and my boss will most likely lose his job this spring, too.

He's the "Acting" PAO, and has been running this newspaper since 2006, but his "acting" status will lapse in May, and the Navy has to hire someone on a permanent basis.

Hiring the guy who has been doing the job for the past 3 years would make sense, right? But he has 34 "blocking veterans" ahead of him in line. Two of whom are currently living in the desert. All 34 of them would have to turn down the job, for him to be offered it.

Oh, yeah, and the job ad does not require the person who gets the job to have any experience in photography or layout, so none of those 34 blocking veterans have to be anywhere near as qualified as my boss, to take his job.

And yes, he is also 62.

We have decided that if both of us are employed in that building, come June, we are going out for a beer.

As an aside, last night as I was spackling the bathroom ceiling, Hubby came by to ask me what he should wear for his night out. He showed me several options, and I gave the thumb's up and thumb's down as I kept half an eye on my tub of joint compound.

I think I have become a man.


Sue said...

Oh my... hahahahaha!

I'll send "turn it down" vibes to all 34 people ahead of your boss. That's just wrong that he can't get the job automatically. Sheesh.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Wow that's really too bad on the job situation. Although I always appreciate gallows humor as a coping stragegy...

How is the woman you're sitting in for doing, do you know?

Very funny on the thumbs up/down too! I use that all the time in class - it's such a time saver, even with preschoolers. :-) :-) :-)

Christine said...

Sue-Thanks. Although I will not even tell him about it, as that is just way too positive and uplifting for the guy.

Jill-I have seen her twice, and honestly she does not look bad to me at all. She says she is coming back by mid-to-late April, unless she can get her doctors to let her start before that. So, basically, I show up every morning half expecting to see her sitting at my desk, in which case I will pack up my stash of green tea, turn in my badge, and go home to do I don't know what next.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

That's great that she's doing well! Though not so much for you...
:-) / :-(