Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hornets' nest

I COULD link to the Reuters photos that were doctored to make things look more hell-in-a-handbaskety. I could. Especially since it sounds like they were taken by the same guy who staged the Cana photos.

But instead, I'll tell you that over the past 6 days, the Sons have killed 101 hornets IN OUR BASEMENT. They seem to be flying in next to the exhaust on our dryer. Hubby has sprayed back there, but it's still Hornet City, between the paneling and the outer wall.

The Sons are killing hornets one at a time, all in the basement, and so far we haven't had any get farther than the den. Also, no stings, as of yet. Hopefully, the big spraying festival will, at some point, kill off the nest, but in the meantime the Sons are happy to kill the hornets as they see them.

Kind of like the Middle East, you might say. I can only imagine the photos the little hornet newspapers are running, these days...

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