Monday, August 21, 2006

Mother-in-law's birthday

The party was a lot of fun, and we met Tracey Ullman, who knows MIL from the spa. I resisted the urge to bow down and worship Miss Ullman...yay me.

Also there was an old friend of MIL, who assured us that with her connections in the university admissions community, she could get all of our boys into top colleges, on full scholarships. Hubby was thrilled to bits, until he remembered that this is the friend that MIL describes as "a compulsive liar".

MIL kept pestering Brother-in-Law #1 to marry his girlfriend (blonde, tiny, wealthy, horrible children). He did not seem the least bit inclined to do so, and in fact the girlfriend seemed very uncomfortable and worried she'd bear the brunt of MIL's tactlessness.

But it does remind me, that when Hubby told her he wanted to get married, she said:

"I've seen 'em come, and I've seen 'em go. Keep looking."

She who laughs after 18 years of marriage, laughs best.

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