Sunday, June 24, 2007

I am sooooo busted

Tonight I went out for chips, salsa and conversation with a good friend. She mentioned that she and 2 other friends want to nominate me for What Not to Wear.

"Not that you look that bad, but...we know you shop at the thrift store."

Ugh. I think I need professional fashion help.


Cynthia said...

Silly, it's not because you look bad!! We know how much you would {love} the overall experience, the pampering, etc! We'd nominate ourselves, but you are way more interesting!

Christine said...

Yes, go with the fixer-upper, and I will, in true Reaganite fashion, trickle down the wisdom right back on ya.

Kerry said...

I think that would be so cool, lol!!!
Do it!