Wednesday, September 02, 2009

George Orwell Saw It Coming, #672

On September 8, President Obama is going to speak to all public school students in the nation.

For those of you from Across the Pond, we've never had a President do this before. And for those of you who haven't read 1984, well, go get a copy.

Yeah, part of me is thinking, "Go get a copy before they wise up and ban it."

Update--I have since read that in 1991, GHWBush did address the nation's schoolchildren.

OK, so sue me: I had no kids at the time, was not in the school system myself, and I was also living overseas. But I stand by my general creeped-out-ness. Not really sold on the President asking my kids what they'll do to help him.


Anonymous said...

I'm in the mood to say I do not like our first black president Barak Obama

Rol said...

Is this like a Santa Claus thing where he has to get round every school in 24 hours? That's gonna be one tired reindeer.

Christine said...

Knot- It's the continual power-grab that gets me. At some point there will be very little left for the individual.

Rol- Would that it were. Instead, I assume, he'll be on the TVs installed in every flippin' classroom in America (because we all know American children don't watch enough TV without having it on during school.)

Sue said...

There was a big ol' hoopla here in my Conservative pre-dominantly white community over whether or not they would allow the kids to watch it. On the day in question, very few students were 'permitted' to see it. In the backlash from angry parents, the newspaper printed his speech and the School District sent home a very defensive letter to the parents, including yet another copy of the speech. All that over a speech? Sheesh

Liza said...

Ronald Reagan spoke to schoolchildren. He talked about taxes, his political platform, and the way the nation was moving. Obama told kids to stay in school and work hard. Gee, I wonder how many parents who freaked out about Obama telling their kids not to drop out and to keep working toward their goals sat in their own seats in school and listened to Reagan teach them about how tax cuts for the wealthy would benefit their middle class parents in the long run.

Christine said...

Sue & Liza-
My bigger concerns stemmed from the accompanying assignments (which, granted, were adjusted after the general hoopla). As it is, my kids watched the speech, and have their own opinions on what they saw (both on screen and in their classrooms). So I don't feel bad about any of that.