Sunday, November 01, 2009

I should be in North Carolina

Yesterday Son #1 was invited to visit a university, go to a football game there, check out the campus. I drove him: up on the far side of Baltimore.

I got halfway home, when he called to say he'd left his wallet in my car. Because I am a mom (we spell that S.A.P.) I turned around and drove back. Then I drove home.

I drove 305 miles, yesterday. I should be someplace balmy.

But, hey, I get to go pick him up, today.

If I were smart, I would be exercising, this morning, to make up for all the time in the car. As it is, I am eating leftover Halloween candy.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

On Friday I got to work just in time for the weekly staff meeting, turned around to lock my car & saw that there were 2 things on the back seat that my daughter had told me she was bringing on her weekend retreat. I was stuck - if I hand delivered it to the high school, I was sure she'd accuse me of "ruining her life." If I didn't, I was afraid there were activities she wouldn't be able to participate in.

Because I am a mom (and S.A.P. though I don't know what that stands for), I missed my staff meeting and ran them over to her school. I lucked out! I saw her stuff for the retreat and snuck the items inside her duffel bag without her even knowing I had been there! Of course, I'm going to give myself full credit when she gets home, but for now I think I played both sides pretty well.

ANYWAY I hope you had a nice drive with him at least. Picking up is always the best, getting to see their first true reaction before it's tempered by having told everyone whether or not they had a good time so many times that all the emotion is gone. Have a nice trip (again) today!

Christine said...

Jill-Well played!

S-A-P spells "sap". As in, "You sure are a sap, doing all this stuff for people who won't bother to do things for themselves."

The way to know you are a sap? If you find yourself muttering "I feel like the goddamn Giving Tree" as you drive, or pick up someone else's snotty kleenex.