Friday, February 03, 2006

BIG bird

Hubby and I are the only ones awake this morning, since we've been keeping boring hours and letting the boys party all night. It makes for quiet moments in the a.m., and the boys are thrilled.

So while I was puttering in the kitchen, Hubby walked out onto the balcony and saw this bird on the lawn. He took a few pictures, and so did I. I went downstairs and walked, a few paces at a time, closer to the bird. Still not sure what it is, aside from the fact that it must have been 4 feet tall. I got within maybe 20 feet before it became skittish and started to turn away from me. While I was checking my camera, it took off. Amazing something so large can fly.

Also interesting that it has a tag on its ankle. I wonder if that made it MORE relaxed around me and my camera, or LESS?

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