Saturday, February 04, 2006

my muse likes Peter Gabriel

I started working on a short story a while ago, and all while the words flowed I heard a certain Peter Gabriel song in my head. It got to where I would wake up with that music in my brain, and run to the computer to write. It was a great feeling, and one which I have experienced before. Some stories just seem to come with a soundtrack.

Then Peter stopped singing. My story stopped, too. If I sat at the keyboard, nothing happened. I could write other stuff, just not this one story. And here is my deadline, just a month away.

Last night, the song came back. This morning, it's still here. I think I'll actually be able to write. I feel silly, and superstitious, and pretentious, at best. At worst, I feel like my Muse is playing with me, and I better write while she's visiting.

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