Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday morning observations

*There is a lot of garbage in the library. If those people can get published, I sure shouldn't feel shy about submitting what I write.

My latest foray into not-for-deadline submissions: a third attempt at NPR Morning Edition.
December: Instead of School--rejected within 24 hours, but also the wrong length (I followed the word count on their web site, which was off by 150 words)
January: I am Woman, Hear Me Keep Score--took a whole week to be rejected, this time. I take that as a sign that they actually read and considered it.
February: A Real Turkey of a Thanksgiving. Submitted that just a couple of nights ago.

For March, I need to polish up Worst Mother of the Year and for April, perhaps Chicken Pot Pie...

I am also working on a couple of short fiction pieces for submission to various anthologies. I keep writing those deadlines on my calendar, so that I will remember to work on those things. A deadline is a good thing, even if it's only in my head.

And I have a huge list of things to think about querying Maryland Life...perhaps next week.

*Chocolate muffins make children happy. Happy children in the morning being a major plus for the rest of my day.

*Real estate in Florida is cheap, and is internet crack.

*Oh, and "Colorado". Joe and I keep mentioning the trip to each other. We say it about as frequently as the average teen says "like".

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