Tuesday, May 06, 2008

For Sue and Hubby

Sue, over at Beggar's Shotglass, talks about boobs a lot. She loves the boobage. A while back she suggested we should all post photos of our boobs on our blogs.

I didn't give it much thought, until Hubby followed the link to her blog a few weeks ago, and asked,

"Why don't you talk about boobs on your blog?"

The short answer is, not much to say about boobs.

But, hey, for Sue, and Hubby, and boob appreciators everywhere, here ya go. Christine, and her Girls, taken just a few minutes ago.


Cynthia said...

Nice shot there my friend! So, um, do things get lost in there???

Seriously, girls, boob shots for ALL! Bawaaahaahaa!

ALF said...

How nice of you to oblige all the boob lovers of the world.

Cynthia said...

You know Christine, I "support" you in this endeavor! Just wanted to weigh in and let you know that!

Hee heeee heee!

Sue said...

hahahaha Nice job! I appreciate it! So linking to this RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

Oh great! Someone *else* who got my share!!
I am loving Sue's Boob Movement (SBM?) but if I posted mine you would think I was a boy ;o)

Anonymous said...

thankyou from a member of the boob lovers association...:))

Anonymous said...

Always love boobage - and maximum allowable exposure.


cyndy said...

I came here from Sue's blog.
Too funny!
I dropped a piece of pasta into my boobs at dinner tonight.
It's quite the catch-all!

Ms. Q said...

Bwahhahaha! I have to check out Sue's blog - it's been a while since I've been able to visit. I tend to read all my faves in bulk.

I actually have a boob shot of my own. Sorta. I've been meaning to post about boobage since Sue's been writing so much about them and it seems so many of my favorite bloggers are boob obsessed (Ricardo of Un-loaded, Sue, Olga The Traveling Bra) I thought I'd give my support to the cause.