Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've Got It Bad

Procrastination, that is.

I'm still working on the big project that is due today. Honest, I am. Pay no attention to the new blog entries that keep popping up. Or the fresh scent of fabric softener wafting out of my basement. Or the fact that I have seen photos of Nichole Ritchie's baby, ABOUT WHOM I COULD NOT CARE LESS.

Oh, no. I'm not wasting time. Not me.

It's just that I can only check so many web sites and call so many phone numbers to check on updated info from last year before my eyeballs, brain, and behind go completely square.

I think I'll go scrub a bathroom or something, and then get back to it.


Sue said...

They named her Harlow? (I had to look, even though I couldn't care less myself, but...)

Harlot? As in Prostitute? Man, that sucks. stupid parents.

Anonymous said...

I do not want to imagine what could be so bad that scrubbing a bathroom is considered better!
At least have a glass of wine if you're going to procrastinate ;o)

ALF said...

Get to work!

Ms. Q said...

You know you don't want to do something when organizing the closet somehow distracts you or cleaning the grout in the bathroom or in my recent case (today) I nearly started REPOTTING one of my plants. That would've eaten up a nice 30 minutes. But I resisted.

Big project and deadlines. Ick. Hope you meet the deadline!