Sunday, May 25, 2008


I tend to forget that the rest of the family expects to eat. Like, meals. I could just about live on my frozen mochas. So, when someone or other mentions that they are hungry, and want to eat, I suck on a mocha while I cook. Hubby says I am getting skinny. Maybe the two are related?

I am not about to spend money on gas, if I can avoid it. So, that means I strap on a backpack and walk to Walmart. I'm gonna have to do that a lot, this summer, since I can't fit all our groceries into one backpack. And I think Hubby will be bringing ice cream home on his way home from work.

I have discovered, however, that I need the occasional Mental Health Day. And those are totally worth the gasoline.

I am still way obsessed with Amy Winehouse and ACME Blues Company. You can probably hear one or the other, wherever I am. But I am very pleased to hear Son #4 singing along with Santana.

Hubby's band is narrowing down a replacement drummer. Looks like they've found someone. I CANNOT WAIT to see them play out. Because I need to dance, ok? A lot. And I have a raging crush on the bass player of Contact Buzz.

I am digging out of a ton of work that I had been procrastinating on, in favor of cleaning. Ya know what? Whether or not I kill myself cleaning, this house is still a pit. So I gotta write, because I actually LIKE writing, and they PAY me for it. But I 'm still going to clean. It's the nature of the mango, folks!

I am starting to accept that I can do some stuff, and other stuff I can't. For whatever reason. And I don't have to be everything to everybody. I just need to tackle today as best I can.

I am relying on my friends, and grateful beyond measure for their friendship. You KNOW who you are. Every last one of you.

I want to enjoy life, more than I want to be right.

Is any of this meaningful? Maybe. But maybe not. It's just me. Please to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

You already have a bass player!!! Hands off and give the rest of us unfortunates a chance! ;o)
When this band gets up and running are we going to get videos? ;o)

Christine said...

Don't worry, Penelope, Hubby is my one and only bass player.

Fortunately for EVERYONE involved, the band decided not to go with "InfeXious" as a name. The guy who was so set on it quit the band, anyway. So Hubby's band is now Contact Buzz. Not the best name ever, but head and shoulders above InfeXious.

I suspect there will be some video, either here or at Hubby's blog. You'll be the first to know.

ALF said...

This was fun to read.

Cynthia said...

Thanks for writing this! A good read!

Oh, and SOOOOOOO glad to know they didn't go with InfeXious! ICK!!!