Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm Almost Famous

Hubby and I occasionally play "I'm Almost Famous". This is easier when you don't know each other well, but we still manage a round now and then.

It goes like this:

I'm almost famous because:
My uncle Richard used to work closely with Robert Redford
My uncle Phil is friends with Sylvester Stallone's father AND brother
Hubby's drummer went on to play with Branford Marsalis (that one is just for hubby---tooo tangential for ME to claim!)

And, today, I am almost famous because I am wearing a T-shirt sent to me by my brother-in-law, which was sent to HIM by his good friend, Boomer Esiason. I realize that I am tired and unkempt and am wearing a big, baggy tshirt and a baseball cap and I look ridiculous, is fun having a brother in law with Interesting Friends.



ALF said...

you're so cute.

Jack said...

Liking you more and more

Jack said...


Liking you more and more.