Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Judas Priest on a Pony

Today I took 3 of the Sons to the pediatrician. That meant I spent 90 minutes looking at this padded table. Looks comfy, doesn't it?

Then I went for happy hour with Hubby's coworkers. Rode the motorcycle, which is always a blast, but gives me Crazy Biker Chick Hair. Really, I should slap on some leather chaps and take a photo.

(I do not own leather chaps. Do not expect said photo. Just, you know, imagine the crazy hair.)

And then I drove Son #1 to pick up his girlfriend, north of us, to drive them both to the library, south of us. I dropped off the paper recycling, near the library. And on the way home I stopped for milk and gasoline, because all this driving does tend to suck down the fuel.

This is the most I've ever spent to fill up my minivan. Judas Priest on a pony, I just about choked.

And, yes, I have wanted to work that particular colorful phrase into conversation ever since Hubby's guitarist said it, this past Saturday night.


Sue said...

Never been on a bike, so I can't really imagine the hair.

Love that phrase!

Laura B. said...

I'd actually like to see that biker's probably similar to my crazy morning bed head. ;-)

Yea, gas prices are just killing me. Ugh...

ALF said...

It's just awful, isn't it