Thursday, June 19, 2008

Overheard in a bathroom trailer at the ZZTop Concert

You know those nasty, plastic porta-potties they set up at outdoor events? Once in a while, there is also a slightly more upscale option--the restroom trailer.

Hubby never uses the trailers, because there is a line. But as a woman, well, I would rather use a bathroom that looks like a bathroom. I explained the nastiness of having to hover in a porta-potty, face inches from the door and swathed in unflushable fumes. He kinda gets it, but of course he is able to stand, so....I hit the trailers alone, generally in a line of other picky women.

And sometimes that really pays off.

Overheard in the trailer at the ZZTop Concert:
"Wow! These hardwood floors are beautiful! They're better than ours!"

"Yeah, this trailer is nicer than the trailer you had, in West Virginia!"

"Look, they have those really nice paper towels, too."

When the artificial hardwood floors in a portable restroom trailer are that impressive, well, I'm I'm glad to be in the next stall. Gotta enjoy life.


Anonymous said...

Ha!!! Brilliant!!

Beth said...

Ok, now I have heard it all. And I'm peeing laughing.

nexy said...

losing the ability to stand while peeing is my only regret.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Definitely sounds better than your average port a potty! And I'm impressed that the woman can compare a public toilet with her own trailer, have the public toilet come out ahead & (at least from the tone of your post) say so without bitterness. :-)