Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Thanks, Penelope! An Addendum

Hubby read my "Thanks, Penelope!" post and wanted to know what made me cry, on Friday. He is a little concerned that the blogosphere be under the impression that he is the kind of husband who lets his wife cry.

So let me make it clear to all and sundry that they were just a few fleeting tears of orgasmic joy. My Man made me very happy, and all is right with the world, ok?

Take THAT, Sue!


Sue said...

How knew I would inspire people to orgasm at their own blogs too!? :-) If you're offering me another orgasm, I'll take it!!!!!

Andrea said...

You drive a Nissan Quest! I drive a Nissan Quest!

You wanted to be Jessica Savitch! I wanted to be Jessica Savitch!


ALF said...

I don't have anything pertinent to write, I just wanted to say hi.