Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christine's Product Round-Up

As in, you need this stuff:

Wal-Mart has these Fudge Marshmallow Cookies--they are basically the world's most nearly perfect PMS food, and I only discovered them yesterday. Get them. Great Value brand.

Green Logic ELIMINATOR--a friend sent me a bottle and that stuff is AMAZING. It is the only cleaning product I have ever used which makes things smell like--nothing. Not flowers-and-stink, not chemicals-and-stink, but rather like...clean air. It is terrific.


Ms. Q said...

Well, one good thing about entering the land o' Hotflashes, I don't have PMS cravings. Unfortunately, I wasn't expecting to be hot flashing this early so I have this stockpile of ..products.

But I like your Green Logic Eliminator tip. I'll be on the lookout. I don't like scented things much and when I do, they are pretty mild - lavender or citrus.

Ira said...

A low cost, green eco friendly, healthy natural way to clean is to make a homemade liquid from soapberry which grows on the Chinaberry tree and has been used for thousands of years. It works very effectively.

Christine said...

Ms Q-I love citrus, but I think I am the only woman in the world who hates lavendar.

And Ira- Thanks for the tip, although I have NO idea where I would get soapberries.

Ms. Q said...

no lavender? I didn't start out liking it - I thought it smelled old fashioned/old lady. I used to like more cinnamon/spice types of scents. Heavy. Then one year I had on some heavy spicy perfume (I just had a little on but the scent itself was heavy) and I thought, 'Uck too heavy'

My chemistry changed or whatever. Now I don't wear perfume but maybe use a little bit of scented lotion with a lavender base.

Figures you'll like citrus - all them grapefruits!