Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's not an "extra", it's a "necessity"

10:00 Spilled OJ on the seat of my car. Cleaned it up. Went inside. Washed my hands.
10:05 loaded the dishwasher. Washed my hands.
10:07 loaded the washing machine. Washed my hands.
10:20 found dog poop on the bedroom rug. Washed my hands.
10:25 went to the bathroom. Washed my hands.
10:30 found dog poop on the living room rug. Washed my hands.

Yeah, right about now if I don't use some hand lotion my arms are going to fray.


Sue said...

Sounds like a great excuse for Satin Hands!

ALF said...

That's a lot of poop for a 30 minute period!