Saturday, December 20, 2008

Perfection Makes Perfect

About 20 years ago, Hubby and I got a fortune cookie that rocked our world. It was not a fortune at all. It said, "Perfection makes perfect."

What the heck? We laughed about that cookie for ages.

At the time, we did not see it for what it was: a harbinger of a new day when fortune cookies wouldd not predict your future, but just piled words on you, or revisited the wisdom of your crankiest elderly relatives.

Tonight, we ordered Chinese food. Here is the sad collection of modern fortune cookie contents we endured tonight; wisdom, opinion, and wishes abound: only one could qualify as a fortune:

Share your joys and sorrows with your family.
Society prepares the crime; the criminal commits it.
Wish you a long life.
You are sociable and entertaining.
If you want to have a friend, you have to be one.
Serious trouble will bypass you.

Honestly, fortune cookie manufacturers of the world: you can do better.

On an unrelated, holiday-oriented note, Christmas preparations continue:
Two of the Sons have purchased their Secret Santa presents for their assigned brothers.
The second Christmas tree is up and decorated.
The presents we already have bought, are wrapped. Which leaves me with an updated shopping list I need to tackle, this week.
My mother came down with her annual gingerbread house extravaganza and Christmas ornament shopping trip. We are all on a sugar high.
For the third year in a row, the ornament I chose broke, before we could get it out of the bag. Traditions, man.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I was wondering if I had imagined that about fortune cookies. I thought maybe they had been that way all along, but apparently not.

ALF said...

I'm with you. Fortune cookies are crap these days. Plus, they taste like styrofoam.

Christine said...

No, Jill, they used to be good. Full of mystery and promise. Now, you get some lucky numbers.

LUCKY NUMBERS? Is all of China some sort of Keno farm team, now? Ugh.

ALF--Styrofoam dipped in orange water, I think.