Friday, December 12, 2008

Son #1 Has Advice on Women, Too

The other day, I posted some advice on guys, from Son #1. Coincidentally, yesterday he offered some advice on us women, too. And although it pains me to say it, he is, again, correct.

Long story slightly less long: Son #1 has a friend--a friend who is on the edgy end of the spectrum, but who seems to have cut back on much of his wilder behavior, in recent years. This boy also has been polite to me and loves my cooking. So, you know, he's OK, even though I know his sordid past.

Unfortunately, Son #1 has started dating this guy's ex-girlfriend. The girlfriend, and her friends, have started some nasty rumors. The other day, Son #1's edgy friend believed all the rumors and assumed they were coming from Son #1, so he sent a group of kids to jump him in the school parking lot.

Son #1 has used a mixture of bravado ("Beat me up? You're half my size. You're not beating NOTHING. Stop sending your friends and fight me like a man.") and reason ("Dude! I don't know anything about these rumors. I don't want to fight you!") to smooth things over.

Last night, I think he settled it all, with one more phone call to Edgy Friend (who, all threats aside, skipped school yesterday). This is what I heard:

"Man, they are teenage girls. They are going to make drama. They are going to start rumors. They are going to blow things out of proportion. You can't let what they say change what you're doing. You can't make them stop spreading rumors and going crazy. You just have to let it go."

I'm proud of my son for his surprising store of wisdom, but just a tad embarrassed for my gender.


Anonymous said...

He is a smart boy!
As a mother of both sexes I have to agree with him. Girls just seem to thrive on any drama while the boys just want a quiet life!

ALF said...

Girls are crazy. At least the boy is smart enough to recognize it and not let it get the better of him. Good for Son#1!

Andrea said...

As my own Son #1 told his four-year-old brother, "Girls, get you in trouble."