Monday, December 22, 2008

Yeah, that sounds good, too

Weird fact about Christine, #38: I tend to sit here and read about the nutritional profile of my food, as I eat it.

So, yeah, I'm reading about the stuff I just dumped in my tea, and I started adding more stuff. Right now I'm leaning over a hot steaming mug with a tea bag, a couple of cardamom pods, some cloves, a slice of ginger and a cinnamon stick. You instant tea people can have your way, but me, I have something to chew on, later.

Which may be disgusting, I suppose. But, hey, I'm not making YOU fish out a cardamom pod and chew it, so keep yer hands off my mug.

Completely OT? I hate Sears. I hate them all. I hate their crappy selection of stuff, their bizarre system of starting the checkout line a full 15 feet away from the cash register, and the fact that I spent hours there, last night, giving them money in exchange for Christmas gifts.


Chris said...

Ah... I think you NEED that tea with ALL the stuff you WANT to put in it after a trip to SEARS.

I hate Sears too. I particularly dislike their customer service. Wait! WHAT customer service?

Hope the tea really gives you something to chew on this morning! :)

Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog. :) I replied to your comment over there too.

Rob went and read it today too. Somehow I don't think he'll be forgetting the color of my eyes anytime soon. He's not sure if he actually LIKES being blog fodder. :) I think it's good for him. Really. :)

Sharla said...

I'm with you on Sears. I grew up going to Sears with my dad for tools. Or refrigerators. I still can't comprehend that they have "a softer side" and look for clothes there. That never enters my mind when I thinking "mall trip". We had to go get a new garage door opener the other day and we had a question and it took three salespeople to tell us what we already could read on the box. We finally just gave up and bought the thing and called it good.

Richard said...

Christine, I always read the labels of food. Not because I really care about what is in the food from a nutritional standpoint, rather I am just curious and need something to do while I am eating. Also I like to know where the product is made.

ALF said...

I totally read the first line as "Wierd fact about Christmas, #38". Then I read the fact and couldn't figure out what that had to do with Christmas at all.

I am slow.

Christine said...

Chris- Yes, I am thinking that a trip to Sears shows just how much I love my family. In fact, I think from now on I will say, "I love you enough to go to Sears". And people will break down sobbing, with feelings of love.

My husband often hates being blog fodder, and occasionally asks me to take things down or modify them. I tend to oblige.

Sharla-- You are right. Sears is for tools, appliances, maybe bath towels. I did buy myself a hot little something, while I was there, because, as I have stated I WAS AT SEARS. The suffering earned me a little something fun for me. I think.

Honestly, I do not usually shop that way.

Richard -- I think it is just curiosity on my part, too. Curiosity, and a need to be reading something, pretty much most of the time. But if it says I am eating one of the healthiest foods ever, I can also pat myself on the back for doing something Responsible.

ALF--no, you are just jet-lagging. Sorry your trip was such a bust!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh yeah I ALWAYS read the food labels. In fact, I knew my gal was really mine the other day when we picked up the cheapest bottle of salsa available so she could make guacamole for her school party & she told me, "This isn't really that bad! All it has in it is tomatoes,...etc. etc. etc..."

The tea sounds yummy! We don't have many Sears left around here. Although I'm pretty sure we got our refrigerator from them and that they're the ones who called and CONFIRMED the day before delivery and said they'd be there and then called on Razor's cell phone on delivery day AS WE WERE DRIVING TO MEET THEM to tell us they wouldn't be there. Because they didn't have it in their warehouse. They didn't have the fridge, so they couldn't deliver it. Yet they called and confirmed and made sure WE wouldn't stand THEM up just the day before!

Sharla - that's the problem with stores these days. None of the people that work there really know what they do and don't have or anything about what they do have. But they still try and help you to death. It's such a waste of time!

Being fairly charitable when it comes to people's motives, I always thought that they did it because they TRULY wanted to be helpful. So they don't know crap. They really WANT to help! So you end up wasting time. But I've been told that their bosses MAKE them try to help you even though they don't know crap. It would help me more if they just admitted that they didn't know anything about the products.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Alf - Well when I first read your comment, I thought you meant the #38 thing was the TITLE and I was all thinking, "Was ALF, of ALL PEOPLE really expecting the title to have anything to do with the post?!?!?!?" :-)