Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hubby Holds a Bass, YOU Decide

Hubby ordered a new bass. UPS lost it.

MUCH wailing and gnashing of teeth ensued.

He called the company and they sent him a second bass. Then UPS found, and delivered, the original.

The joy has been overwhelming. Trust me. If you have a musician in your life, you know.

So now Hubby has two new basses and has to decide which one he wants to keep.

Musically, they are identical. Sterling by Music Man. He is in love. But does he want the jet black, or the honeyburst?

He asked my opinion and I can't really muster one.


Here they are>Which one should he keep? Which one goes back to the factory?

He has 45 days to decide, so please send all your musically inclined/design oriented/time wastey friends my way, so they can take a gander and vote.

(oh, yeah, and so they can become hooked on my particular style of bloggage. So send your friends with foot fetishes, too, as this is a great time to see shoes).

Speaking of: the SOTD. I do not like these shoes. Maybe I will like them in the fall, when they are not HOT. But as it is, they are not only hot, they are boring. They are another of the "Mom bought shoes she can't wear, so she passed them on to me" collection. We do not generally share taste in shoes, but these are OK for when I want to look boring and professional, right? I need to go someplace nice, so I can put on a cute, strappy sandal. Or maybe I'll just wear some cool shoes anyway...


Anonymous said...

OK, the black is classy, yet flat. Keep the Honey Burst. And, just for the record, I like the boring shoes - shows what I know! They sort of match my hair, too....

greed said...

Well, i agree that the burst is showy - but bash already owns a bright red bass. So, i am voting black.

Atomic Lola said...

My hubby plays bass too! I know this would be a tough decision for him as well, but black does go with everything. And it's badass. I vote black.

Anonymous said...

Being a guitar player and being able to handle 6 strings with 4 fingers and not just one note at a time ...

I digress ...

Most bass players I know stick to one bass. Guitar players have multiple guitars.

I would play each on separate days and go for what he likes with neck feel and how well they stay in tune.

I have a few black guitars. I do like the sunburst, but I don't know. That's not what I would make a determining factor.

Christine said...

Anon-Yes, but I much prefer the strappy red sandals I changed into for dinner :)

Greed-True, that way he has the full Checkers effect.

Lola-Yes, black is badass. And he already has a sunburst on his older bass, so I think variety is the thing.

Oh my. Hubby asks that I explain that he plays chords on the bass alllll the time.

He said a couple other choice things, too. Because, well, you're just a guitar player. Guitar players think they can play bass....but they almost never can.


Really, though, the color IS the only factor. Those 2 basses are identical except for finish. It is purely a lust-driven decision.

Four-String Hubby said...

One thing I forgot to tell Christine--The black model is $30 cheaper!

ALF said...

Your husband looks like Mike Myers.

Andrea said...

Honey burst! It looks great!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

The one on the top is WAY prettier! I vote for the honey one.

But, I think it's unfair to ask us to vote if we can't see the OLD sunburst. So to make things more fair, we should be able to see whatever he has in his collection and decide which one goes best in it.

4 string hubby - In my mind, unless you truly can't pay your bills without it, $30 stretched out over however many years you're going to own this instrument should average out to be too little to have a bearing on which you choose. :-) :-) :-)