Monday, June 01, 2009

Is that Ed Asner? Yes, it is.

Hubby spotted Ed Asner's voice yesterday, during UP. It always amazes me how he can identify people by voice, because that is something I almost never can do. Even people I know. Yes, I have had some awkward telephone conversations, over the years. Half of you sound exactly alike, I swear. I'm sorry.

But good grief you should go see UP. It is terrific. The texture of the animation is just precisely right. The characters are fun. There's plenty to think about, genuine emotion and adventure and ohmanthatmoviewasgreat.

Son #2 was intrigued by the inclusion of a couple of Asian characters (who didn't make a big deal about being Asian.)

Hubby was surprised that a Pixar movie could show blood. But, don't let that scare you. They're pretty good about sweetening all the danger so smaller kids don't have to worry.

Gotta warn you, though, about half an hour in, the Sons and I were all in agreement that it was the saddest, most depressing cartoon ever.

Yes, worse than Dumbo.

So, pile all your emotionally fragile friends into the theater and watch. It's a great movie.


Knot said...

Sorry, I don't do animation movies or animal movies. Or animated animal movies.

Penelope said...

You would recognise my voice on the phone after you heard it once! ;o)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I can recognize voices okay usually. I just can't remember anything anyone actually says. :-)

What about that Smithsonian movie? Do you know if that one's any good? 'Cause I think we might get to go to the Smithsonian for real soon & I thought it would be fun to see the movie too.

Yeah I heard (part of - I don't stay interested long) a piece about Up on NPR this weekend. It did sound sort of depressing.

Christine said...

Knot--Yeah, well, I still argue this one deserves an exception.

Penelope--So true!

Jill--We have not seen the Smithsonian movie, and the Sonly consensus is that it probably will be lame. And that is sad, because we live within driving distance of the Smithsonian.

Up started out rather depressing but it pulls out. Uplifting, you might say...

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I think we might actually be visiting near you - going to go to Silver Springs later on this summer.

Christine said...

Yes, Silver Spring is about 90 minutes from here--it's where I go to take Hubby's amps for repair. We used to live there.