Thursday, June 18, 2009

I so needed this headline, a few weeks ago

"Mother fought off cougar..."

Because that is pretty much what I did.

Only I didn't save my toddler. I just deflected some unwanted attention from Son #1.

Honestly, the woman who was all giggly-stupid over him, at the orthodontist's office, is too old for Hubby, ok? She has the oldness. She has no reason to get all up in a 17-year-old's business, especially if said 17-year-old is in her workplace, and got there in his mom's car.

Am I painting a picture, here?

Son #1 was fairly oblivious. He just thought the woman agreed with everything he said, and sat really close to him, and laughed all the time, because he is a genius.

Yeah, Son #1 is a guy, alright. Were things reversed, I am sure a daughter would have, in the car, said, "Ewwww, Mom, that old man was totally hitting on me! Gross!"

Last week, I saw The Cougar again. I resisted the urge to tell her how very unprofessional and pathetic her behavior had been.

Honestly, though, Son #1 is stalked by cougars pretty much all the time. Women of a Certain Age need to get a grip.


Rol said...

Typical bloke - completely oblivious, even when a woman's throwing herself at him.

ALF said...

Yikes! Cougars stay away. That is totally gross.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I guess that big kitty wanted to play nice...or not nice. Or something. ;-0

Knot said...

I wouldn't mind a little cougar attention these days.

Christine said...

Rol- Yeah, pretty much. Looking back, he can kinda see it, but...only because I was laughing so hard in the car.

ALF- You got that right!

Jill- HA. That is hilarious. And also kinda gross. In fact, reaaaaally gross.

Knot- Well, this woman would be a cougar even for YOU. She is, in Son #1's words, "A grandma". So, hey, come on by and see what she thinks. But I have to warn you, Son #1 sets the bar pretty high...