Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wanna join our Dead Pool?

David Carradine, Farrah, Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays.

OK, let me make a quick confession: unlike everyone in America, I really do not care.

I had no brothers, growing up, so Farrah Faucett's poster was not an important feature. Loved Charlie's Angels, I did, but...that's it.

I did not watch the Tonight Show or Kung Fu. Given the choice between TV and sleep, I almost always pick sleep.

And although I enjoyed the Jackson 5 and Off the Wall and Thriller, once the whole "child molester" stuff came out, I lost interest.

Billy Mays annoyed the living bejebers out of me, but I do buy OxyClean.

Today, the Sons spent a good bit of time Yelling at Each Other as an homage to Mr. Mays.

And then we got to thinking: Who is next?
Hubby picked: Billy Joel
Son #1: David Letterman
Son #2: Samuel L. Jackson
Son #3 George Foreman
Son #4 Billy Joe Armstrong
Me: Walter Cronkite

Clearly, some members of the family take this much less seriously than others. Samuel L. Jackson? Really?

So, what famous individual do you think is next to go?

Oh, and as for Shoe of the Day: I realized upon examination of my closet that the rest of my shoes are either winter-specific or appropriate only for the dance floor. So, y'all will just have to do without images of my fabulous feet.


Anonymous said...

I think you are correct, it will be Cronkite. He's not expected to recover. Are we friends on FB? We need to be if we aren't. Anyway, this has been a topic on FB. They come and go in 3's - an old one, a sick one and an unexpected one. The week will tell who fills out the apartment with Billy Mays and Walter Cronkite.

Christine said...

Knot-If I ever get back on Facebook, you will be among the first to know...

ALF said...

From your list I would go with Walter Cronkite, I think. He's sick, isn't he?