Sunday, December 06, 2009

Next year, in Jerusalem?

The other day I bought a container of hummus.


No one in the family will try it and that is FINE even though it is healthy and delicious because that means that no matter what, the entire tub is MINE.

But I had no crackers. I had no celery or string beans or snap peas. I had no pita. I have tried hummus before with tortilla chips, and that does not work. And eating it with a spoon just makes me feel like a total, decadent pig. Then I found: pork rinds.

You know what? Hummus is DELICIOUS on a pork rind.

Sadly, I think 90% of the hummus-buying public is never going to know this, from personal experience. So, Muslim and Jewish hummus fans, trust me. It's good.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Yum! I think I'll pass on the pork rinds though. :-)

I'm trying to think what we do eat it on...crackers, matzoh, pitah, I put it in other types of sandwiches like with avocado.

Rol said...

I quite like it with tortilla chips (if there's nothing else around). But pork rind? No, thanks.

Hummus, carrot and beetroot sandwich - try it, it's the sandwich of the gods!

ALF said...

I also love hummus but I don't think I mind it with tortilla chips.

Victoria said...

I've put it on whole grain bread when the pita and hummus don't come out even... we almost always have whole grain bread in the house because PB&J is the default lunch in this "too lazy to fix anything else for lunch" household (man doesn't (or won't) cook so I refuse to do anything about lunch and save my efforts for dinner)

Christine said...

Jill-Hummus & avocado sounds perfect. Those are just about my 2 favorite foods. No idea why I never combined them before.

Rol-That actually sounds awesome. Is this pickled beet? or just boiled? or raw? I am interested.

Victoria-Yes, One Decent Meal Per Day is plenty, I say. Bring on the PBJ!