Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yeah, that one just might stick

Son #1 has a nickname. The other three don't, really. Today, though, I think that may have changed.

Son #4, at 13, still loves long soaks in the tub. Really long. He often will bring a big bowl of ravioli in there with him, and basically make an evening of it. TMI, I know, but it's part of the story, so bear with me.

We're on Christmas break, which in our house means we are living in a chaotic, timeless sea. Bedtime is a distant memory. They wake when they wake, sleep when they sleep. And last night, that meant that Son #4 was, presumably, unable to sleep in the middle of the night, and decided to take a bath.

5:30 this morning, Son #1 needs the bathroom but can't get in there, because Son #4 is asleep, in the tub. He bangs on the door, no luck. Son #4 is actually snoring.

He kept knocking and shouting, to no avail. And the majority of the family is taking this in stride. Son #4 has a reputation. We've seen it.

But Hubby is usually not home for this, so to him it is new, and terrifying. He started thinking Son #4 was drowning, in the tub.

Though a sleeping bather no longer will rouse me at 5:30 am, a panicking husband generally will, so I threw on my bathrobe and knocked on the door. That special Mom knock which is, apparently, a lot more rousing than one from your oldest brother. Son #4 stirred, spoke, reassured his father that he was still breathing. And that's when it happened: Son #1 called through the door,


He's been Aquaman all day. It's taking all my strength not to join in, myself. Yeah, I think we have a winner.


ALF said...

Ravioli in the tub? For some reason that totally grosses me out.

Christine said...

For very valid reasons, it grosses EVERYONE out. Everyone but ol' Aquaman, over here.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I worked with a woman who said she found it gross to be naked in the kitchen. My daughter used to talk on the phone and eat Subway on the toilet. Now I know someone who bathes while eating ravioli and sleeps.

Kerry McKibbins said...

The Ravioli in the tub sent me over the edge. Coffee all over my computer screen.
So funny!

Christine said...

Knot-Clearly your daughter needs to hook up with Aquaman. They would really understand each other.

And their kitchen would be SO CLEAN.

Naked in the kitchen is OK with me, so long as I don't find chest hair in my chili.

Kerry--Yes, we have been laughing about that one for years.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

That's funny! I'm always afraid of drowning in the tub. So usually if I start to fall asleep I get out. Maybe I should bring in some ravioli next time. Except, I do think food anywhere outside the kitchen/breakfast nook/dining room area is kind of icky. But that's because I live in cockroach country.