Sunday, January 31, 2010

6 o'clock and allllll's wellllllllll!

All told, I guess we got about 12 inches of snow. The plow has not yet been through, and we are assuming that the Sons will not have school in the morning.

As you may have noticed from previous snowstorms, I tend to get antsy when I know I can't leave the house. "Snowed In" is about the most terrifying phrase in the language, to me. Combine it with feeling supremely under-the-weather, and I am not at all ready for prime time. I'm glad to just be keeping up with the messes in the house. My big goal for the evening is to dust the den, and take a shower, so I am no longer in the bathrobe I've been wearing for the past 2 days.



Today, I moaned on Facebook about being out of printer paper and diet Coke. And a dear friend (dearer by the second) offered to bring me some, if my street was clear enough for a delivery.

I called her, to tell her she didn't need to do that (but of course if she was out, I would gladly hand her some cash for it) and it turned out she was snurfling much worse than I. She is dog-sick. And yet she wanted to give me something simple, just to make me feel good.

Damn, I feel loved right now. Thanks, Brick.


L. Wayne Precht said...

We got 6" of snow and for no conceivable reason, school was 2 hours late today. To me, 2 hours late defines sitting on the fence. Either the roads are bad enough to close school, or they aren't. It's 13 freaking degrees out. Two hourse later when I was taking #2 son to school (attempt #2 since I didn't get the memo), it was up to 15 degrees. I serious doubt you could measure the change in road conditions if you cared. Just another tax on people that attempt to have children AND work for a living at the same time.

Christine said...

Yeah, the big thing down here is that the county usually waits for the last minute. Years ago, when the boys were in elementary school, they would wait until about 20 minutes before they had to be on the bus, to announce that it was an hour late. Then, sometimes, they would come back later and call it 2 hours. And just when you thought it was time to leave for THAT bus, they would cancel school altogether. Put the whole damn family on hold, for hours, when we could have either let them sleep in, or let them put on their snow clothes and run around. Morons. These days, they seem to be a lot more on the ball, but still.