Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Never thought I'd say this, but

Yes We Can!


ALF said...

I have been MIA for like 20 days now. I'm sure you understand but I just wanted to say hi and promise that someday I will be back to regularly visiting and commenting...

L. Wayne Precht said...

Ted is rolling in his grave, lol.

Christine said...

ALF--Pleeeease. Take your time. You have to enjoy the New Baby Smell!

Wayne--Yeah, but Ronnie? Not so much :D

Anonymous said...

Ya, honeymoon is over. I'm laughing. Proves Kennedy fixed those elections for years. Just read that Obama is backing a bill that will create some federal thing to raise taxes.

Hey Dems, you suck! Yes, you do!

Christine said...

Knot--You know, it may not be rigged elections, so much as just that Ted was there, and so prominent.

We live in a fairly conservative part of a liberal state. There is a guy who perpetually runs here, and a lot of people in our area like his ideas, but hardly anyone is going to vote for him, because....he is running against Steny Hoyer.

Steny is in such a powerful position, we all know that he keeps our local military bases open--and the military is the biggest driver of our economy. So, basically, "hold your nose and vote for Steny, he pays the bills."

Now that Ted Kennedy is not there to be huge and influential, it just became a regular Senate seat. So people were free to/obligated to vote for a candidate, not for "powerful candidate who will bring us pork vs powerless candidate who will ensure we lose all national influence".

Not that I think the Kennedys are above election fixing. Oh, no.