Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Unexpected Proof that I Am Old

"What time are you picking me up for the orthodontist?"

"A quarter to 9. Your appointment's at 9."

"Does anyone SAY that? 'A quarter to'? What is that, like 8:45? Why don't you just say '8:45'?"

Fiddlin' Writer confirms that her sons also ride her about "a quarter to" and "a quarter after". Apparently you have to have a mental visual of an analog clock to have that make sense.

Sonny, bring me my pills. And hush, I don't want to miss my stories.


Victoria said...

It also may be a "guy" thing... my other half cannot grasp the concept of "minutes until" or quarter to... or any other way of saying 8:45 than to say 8:45... if I say 15 minutes until 9 or quarter to 9, he will fixate on the 9 and we will be late for whatever it is that required leaving at precisely 8:45!

L. Wayne Precht said...

My kids can read an analog clock because I refuse to hang any other kind, but you can watch them gind through the math figuring out the time. Son 1 has gone so far as to go into the other room to read the time off his PC... /sigh

Christine said...

Victoria--I dunno, Wayne can do it :)

Wayne--Yeah, mine can, too, but they just think it is silly that I would. Who needs this spinning hand thing? It's just ridiculous.

But then, they also think Hot Pockets count as real food. So, what do they know?

Rol said...

Wow. I feel even older than I did five minutes ago. At a quarter to 4.