Thursday, March 15, 2007

It stinks to be right all the time

Just as I said 10 years ago, the chicken pox vaccine fades over time, leaving vaccinated people vulnerable to a more virulent version, when they get it as adults.

Yes, 100 children died each year from chicken pox, before the shot. But how many more people will get it as adults? If you can't truly eliminate a childhood disease, it's definitely better to get it in childhood.

Soooo glad the Sons got that out of the way before the vaccine became mandatory. Yes, mandatory. This year, when Son #1 re-entered school, he had to provide proof of either natural immunity or the shot. He got a blood test to prove that he'd had chicken pox as a child. If he couldn't prove that, he'd have been required to get the shot, thereby ensuring that he would not get chicken pox before adulthood. As a mother, and as someone who has watched an adult suffer with another childhood disease and its aftermath, I would have to think pretty hard before submitting him to that. Glad it is a non-issue, for us.

But when the grandkids come around, how will they be able to be safely exposed to the virus, so that they can get it young and get over it? By then, almost everyone in the US will have been vaccinated, so they will never really know if they're immune or not. What a mess.

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