Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"It's Always Interesting, Talking With You..."

That's going to be Son #1's high school principal's mantra, by the time we're through at that school. But, hey, she sounds like she is genuinely willing to hear my complaints, and will do what she can to help.

Today's discussion:

--kids are still sharing chairs in the "sex in the class" room, though no sex, since that one time last fall. The girl, apparently, has decided it's not a good idea. I wasn't even going to bother with that one, but the principal asked about it, so there ya go.

--a "retarded kid" is punching him during Art, and "you can't hit him back, he's retarded. You'd get expelled for hitting a retarded kid"

--three students in his English class are repeatedly disruptive, loud and distracting, including violently threatening the teacher, with little in the way of consequences, which makes learning an extreme challenge--and teaching a dangerous profession.

Son #1 also has told me that, when he notices kids skipping class to hang out in the lunch room, he has started reporting them to the lunch monitors. Which gets the skippers booted right back to class. Which, in turn, has caused some lunchroom tension. It's West Side Story, in there, with less rhythm.

He says that his History teacher is trying so hard to be accepted by his students that when they lock him out of his classroom, HE apologizes.

And he mentioned to Hubby, last night, that there is a kid in one of his classes who "sits in his wheelchair and does nothing but grind his teeth".

Oh, how I love public school.

But, I figured that 3 issues was enough for one phone call. I'm not going to tell her EVERYTHING I hear, or she'll start blocking my number.

I told Son #4, who will be there in 4 years, himself, that by the time he's enrolled everything will be fixed.

I hope I wasn't being facetious.

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Andrea said...

Just think what great material he is going to have for when he writes his first book! I can hear John Hughes calling now. . .